Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Energy

Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Energy is a 40 Minute class for all Levels.
Thank you Norie for your suggestion! This class is suitable for most people with some yoga experience. You’ll feel energized and ready for your day from these poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama). As always, please honor ann injuries you have and stop if you feel pain. Rest whenever you feel appropriate and push the pause button anytime you want a break.

Please leave comments if there are classes you would like to see and tell your friends if you would think they would benefit from free yoga. If you like the class, please push the “like” button and share. Thank you!!!!

Come and practice with me IRL: Join our yoga retreat July 10-13 2014 in Ojai, CA. Comment below or email me for more info: 🙂

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